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Qontent TV


Non-scripted format creator, developer, and distributor Qontent Formats was founded in Turkey in the first quarter of 2019 with five paper formats. As the only company representing Turkey in its sector, Qontent Formats provides a diverse selection of content catalogs that comprise over 60 distinct genres like as game shows, reality shows, quiz shows, dating shows, talent shows, shiny floor shows, cooking shows, factual entertainment, and more.

With the motto "every great format was once an idea written on paper," Qontent Formats also supports individual format creators and has made it their mission to bring individuals' paper formats to the global market. Under this motto, it assumes the responsibility of distributing paper formats that have the high potential to become hits to the world's largest production companies.

MEDPRODUCTION, Media Ranch, TVCO, Yup-U, and Comarex are some of the companies with which Qontent Formats has collaborated since its inception. Qontent Formats has collaborated with major production giants both in Turkey and around the world and has presented its innovative, original, adaptable, low budget, fresh formats to the global market.

The license of several non-scripted formats belonging to the Qontent Formats family is optioned in countries like as Spain and Italy. They are also optioned in nations such as Canada, the United States, and England, and they are awaiting the day when they will be able to interact with the audience.