The Guest Chef is a finalist in Asia TV Forum 21 Format Pitching!

The Guest Chef is a finalist in Asia TV Forum 21 Format Pitching!

 The Guest Chef, a cooking show format created by Qontent Formats, advanced to the finals at Asia TV Forum, out of hundreds of formats submitted from across the globe by the selection committee and jury members.

"The Guest Chef is on the verge of becoming a huge worldwide hit - said  Orhan Gazi Karamanoglu, Co-Founder of Qontents Formats, - thanks to an original approach that does not deviate from the framework that the audience and producers are used to watching. The Guest Chef, chosen as one of the six finalists by the jury members Carlotta Rossi Spencer, Hwang Jin Woo, Joe Suteestarpon, Justin Deimen, May-Yi Lee, and Wonwoo Park; attempts to maintain the level of excitement high by placing the luck component at the heart of the show".

In the format, five prominent chefs will knock on the doors of five different households every day, attempting to achieve the highest score of the day by cooking with just the ingredients they have at home. The chef with the highest score at the conclusion of the week will win the competition and get the grand prize. The chefs will have to demonstrate their talents using the ingredients they have available in this challenge! In contrast to past culinary contests, the household will be a genuine judge in the competition, scoring the dish that the chef will offer to them. As a result, everyone will learn how to cook like a chef at home, and the boundaries of inventiveness will be tested. 

Other international formats competing against The Guest Chef, which made it to the finals of Asia TV Forum, will include Emergency Vet, The Rule Of Three, Million Fall, Memory Room, and The Dice Of Life. The Asia TV Forum, where the finalists will be judged by a jury, will be place in Singapore from December 1-3. The findings, which everyone is looking forward to, will be revealed live on December 2. With a reputation for breaking from standard culinary competition norms, the Guest Chef is a finalist in this year's competition.